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Place Last Seen was published by Picador USA in 2000.

It was a San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller, a BookSense76 Pick, and named a Top 10 book for 2000 by the Baltimore City Paper.

It was reviewed in the following places:

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Range Bound, Exterminating Angel Magazine, Summer 2021

Garden Ethic, Exterminating Angel Magazine, Spring 2021

Seeds of Hope, Edible Bozeman Magazine, Spring 2021

Blood on My Hands, Dark Mountain online, 7th August, 2018

Fossil Cherries, published on, July 2017

Clothesline at the End of the World published in Dark Mountain Vol. 11

Circling Back, Unearthing Paradise Anthology

Garden in the Wild, Montana Quarterly, Fall 2014, (not available online)

The Last Book I Loved, The Death of the Heart  published in The Rumpus

“I know you are reading this poem…” on the death of Adrienne Rich, HTML Giant

Anything Can Happen, on fishing for bluegills on fly tackle in the Missouri Breaks, Big Sky Journal (not available online)


“Circling Back.” Unearthing Paradise: Montana Writers in Defense of Greater Yellowstone. Beaudin, Marc, et al. Elk River Books, pp132-144. 2016      

“The Stigmata Incident.” Cabbies, Cowboys and the Tree of the Weeping Virgin: Short Plays by Utah Writers, The Salt Lake Acting Company, pp. 43–48.  2001

“Sending Flowers.” Retake the Falling Snow: 155 Years of Student Creative Writing at Beloit College, by Brian Mornar and Becky Ackerman, Beloit, Wis., p. 93.  2001

“Radical Lean.” What There Is: the Crossroads Anthology. Crossroads Urban Center, Hirschi, Heather L., et al.  pp. 101-110. 1996

Food Writing


My Inner Child: A Christmas to Remember, Making a Croquembouche, originally published at, was included in Best Food Writing 2010

Monthly CookBookSlut Column, 2009-2013.

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Robert Redford Speaking French,” Big Sky Journal, Spring/Summer 2010

“Radical Lean,” The Crossroads Anthology, Salt Lake City, 1996


“The Stigmata Incident” Salt Lake Acting Company,  Feb. 2002


Montana Quarterly, book reviews, not available online but ask if you’d like PDFs.