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Place Last Seen

Place Last Seen was published by Picador USA in 2000.

It was a San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller, a BookSense76 Pick, and named a Top 10 book for 2000 by the Baltimore City Paper.

It was reviewed in the following places:

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Reviews of Place Last Seen:

San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, August 27, 2000

“…this first novel is a truly dazzling performance, so cleanly written and finely proportioned that it’s difficult to imagine readers putting it down during the last hundred pages unless they feel too fainthearted to survive the suspense.”

New York Times Book Review

“Anne, the mother of the missing child in Charlotte McGuinn Freeman’s ‘Place Last Seen,’ is an artist who recently completed a series of small, painstakingly constructed works that squeezed an extraordinary amount of detail into a tiny space.

Freeman works in a similar manner; except for an epilogue, her entire novel happens over just three harrowing days.”

Baltimore City Paper

“By blending the sustained suspense of a pop thriller with the elegance and vision of fine literature, Charlotte McGuinn Freeman has created a nearly perfect novel.”

Nimble Spirit, The Literary Spirituality Review

“How does a family cope when their worst nightmare comes true? That is the question that drives Charlotte McGuinn Freeman’s hauntingly realistic and beautifully written first novel.”

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